I decided on a career in journalism when I was in junior high school but, of course at that time I didn’t really know what it was it just had the word “journal” in it and I loved journaling. By the time I got to college it was pretty much set in stone that I was going to major in journalism because I just wanted to write. I learned early on that it was my superpower. As I began my studies I learned about the different types of journalism: print, broadcast radio and television, being terrified of talking to people, I decided on print because I thought it was more behind the scenes. Little did I know journalism required a whole lot of talking and networking.

The idea of walking up to random strangers for quotes and commentary for an articles scared the crap out of me and when I took an advanced journalism class that required us to complete this semester long project interviewing sources and people on the street I knew that I had to put on my big girl panties and woman up! I remember I had gotten an assignment investigating taxi accidents in NYC which required me to get quotes from taxi drivers, pedestrians and traffic cops and I remember I would walk for hours looking for someone “approachable” and less intimidating. I would see a person and circle the block trying to figure out what I would say to them and if I should just start with a simple “hey my name is…” Yeah I was that scared and awkward to the point where I would make up different personas about how I’m not from around here or how I’m the new girl as a media company just so people would talk to me.

How does this relate to networking?

For an awkward girl like me, networking can be the most intimidating thing ever just as it was approaching those people. Since then I have approached a thousand more people and I have gotten more and more comfortable with it. Networking doesn’t have to be so bad when you remember these simple things:

Small talk makes a BIG difference

Sometimes you need a little small talk to segway into a good conversation. If you’re nervous and have no idea what to say start with asking about a TV show, or something related to the networking event. I attended a networking happy hour hosted by Cosmopolitan in March and there were a hundred girls there looking to build connections, but only about five people who worked for Cosmopolitan there to network. They were probably used to hearing the same questions all night and asking for advice on getting themselves a job there, but I decided to take the small talk route and ask them questions about current events and things happening in pop culture which in turn opened up the floor to do some small pitching and possible article ideas with them.

Social Media isn’t just for personal rantings

Majority of the connections I’ve made this year have been via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while marketing my blog and brand. I’ve joined several networking groups and have even made friends with some of these media folks. If you’re not comfortable meeting in person social media is definitely more than just a place to share your personal life. It’s great for networking.

You both have #SquadGoals on your mind

The purpose of networking is to build your connections and assemble a squad of individuals who would be beneficial to your mission. Networking is about give and take so if you can be of service to them, I’m sure they could be of service to you as well. I think Taylor Swift started a movement with her Squad.


If you are a job seeker, don’t be in such a rush to ask for a job right then and there. It’ll definitely make for an awkward situation. Don’t oversell yourself, be cool and remember to have an action plan before going to the networking event if you are attending one.

Jack Studios, NYC
Jack Studios, NYC

I wanted to tell you guys all about my adventurous day at Jack Studios for the Motorola Shoot and pre-launch demonstration of the Moto Pure X Edition smartphone sponsored by PR company Weber Shandwick. My best friend and her blog addiction led her to Brooklyn Blonde, a blog by fashion stylist Helena who decided to partner with Motorola and host a launch party for everyday women. Long story short, my best friend got picked along with other women and I was her plus one. I had a load of fun! We walked in and everything was pure white and of course I made a joke about how it reminded me of the All White scene in Bruce Almighty. First up was make up!

FullSizeRender (11)
Celebrity make up stylist
That's my best friend!
That’s my best friend!
Free make up pampering with a nice glass of Prosecco. A girl can get used to this!
Free make up pampering with a nice glass of Prosecco. A girl can get used to this!

The purpose of the event was to give a pre-launch demonstration of Motorola’s latest smartphone, the ultra adaptable and customizable Moto Pure X and the wearables such as a sports watch and a luxury watch whenever you want to be able to check your messages and phone calls without digging in your bag or briefcase for it.

Moto Pure X Edition smartphone
Moto Pure X Edition smartphone
I'm an Apple girl, but even I'm considering making the Android switch because of it's affordability and style.
I’m an Apple girl, but even I’m considering making the Android switch because of it’s affordability and style.

But before the photoshoot began with celebrity photographer, Justin Campbell, Motorola Execs took us through a walking demonstration of it’s latest gadget. I must say that I was highly amazed with the camera quality and because I use Google everything, I’m thinking that Android might be the better fit for me because it is Google operated by default.

Motorola Exec giving Weber Shandwick and other PR execs a live demonstration of their latest gadget and it's sync-able watches.
Motorola Exec giving Weber Shandwick and other PR execs a live demonstration of their latest gadget and it’s sync-able watches.

FullSizeRender (7)

Once his demonstration was complete, the photo fun began with a nice spread. There were two sets: Fun and Fearless or Boss Lady. Can you guess which was the most popular set?

Ladies on the Fun and Fearless set.
Ladies on the Fun and Fearless set.
More Fun and Fearless ladies
More Fun and Fearless ladies

Attendees were able to go home with a free code to pre-order our own Moto Pure X free of charge! So I guess change is inevitable. Might be an Android girl pretty soon.

FullSizeRender (13)

Overall, I had a really great day hanging with my bestie in NYC, networking and learning more about technology, the world of PR and marketing. We both dream of working in the industry and this was only a glimpse into everything God has in store for us.

Fun & Fearless Jersey Girls, making our mark in the Tri-State area.
Fun & Fearless Jersey Girls, making our mark in the Tri-State area.

book 1

For the month of July I decided that I would launch a Brunch and Books Series for women who can’t seem to find time for leisure reading outside of work and school. Myself being one of them. I wanted to create a way for us to share something and I believe that reading books for and by women can bring us a little more closer and help us gain a better understanding of ourselves and each other. We are currently in week two of reading and the first meet up isn’t scheduled to take place until the end of July, details will be posted within the week along with discussion questions to reflect on with your reading.

If you are interested in reading along with us you can subscribe here.