A Man’s Guide to the Feminine Product Aisle

Sometimes even with period trackers and regular cycles, there are times when the tide is high and decides to spill over anyhow. It happened to me recently and I had to call in special reinforcement to make a stop at the drugstore. I had to call the boyfriend and talk him through the process. Any man that’s grown up in a house with women whether a mother, sister, niece or cousin; any man that’s lived with a woman; and any man who has a daughter will know that once a month for a week, sometimes less, you sir are on eggshells. Everything you say or do, everything you don’t say or don’t do is amplified by a thousand as you walk that thin line between life and the afterlife. This is why it is crucial that when she sends you to that drugstore you come back with the right products…including a proper chocolate bar (ice cream will suffice as well) and whatever else she asks for. Don’t mess up.


On the flip side, messing up is easy to do when you find yourself lost in the feminine product aisle surrounded by so many options. I’ll admit that when I first “crossed that line into womanhood,” it took me a while to figure out which brand, which style, which type of feminine products worked for me. So we get it, and decided to make it easier for you so that when we send you to the store asking to bring us back some “pads,” you don’t come back with “pantyliners.”

Essential Items


For all the sports fans and athletes, no they are not just for nose bleeds, tampons are an essential feminine product item that most women prefer. They come in different sizes and are made mainly of cotton. They can be left in longer than a regular pad and are preferred among women who are athletes, women who have busy lives and who are physically active more. They act as a plug and can last between 4-5 hours although it’s recommended that you change more frequently, especially when you use the bathroom. To be on the safe side and to further capture any possible spotting accidents most prefer to still wear pantyliners with their tampons. Point blank period, there’s no way you can mess up tampons, just make sure you get the brand right. If she asked for Kotex, don’t come home with Tampax. It won’t be good for you.



The most commonly used and the most complicated. They come in different sizes from long to short. Heavy to light. Wings, no wings. So you might want to phone a friend for this one fellas. Make sure you get her brand, her flow, ask whether she prefers wings or no wings and if she wants regular or ultra thin. This will make sure that she gets the comfort she needs. No one wants to have to walk around with what feels like a diaper in their pants.


They look like pads, but they are much smaller with just enough to cover the seat of the undies. Pantyliners are for those couple of days after her cycle has ended, but there’s still a little discharge. They don’t have wings, and they’re usually one size only. So you really can’t mess this one up. Pantyliners are also usually paired with tampons in case there’s a bit of leakage. They come in much smaller packs and are a lot thinner than pads. Most women usually won’t request this because there’s always more than enough underneath the bathroom sink, but it’s best to know than not know.

Important Terms to Note

Heavy Flow 


Seriously, it’s like a Do Not Enter crime scene. It’s like a busted water pipe. It’s like a leave me the hell alone, I literally can’t move from my seat because I’m afraid if I get up, cough or sneeze I’m going to release what feels like a waterfall in my pants.

Medium Flow 


Not as bad as heavy flows, but there’s still the risk of unleashing a stream if you cough, sneeze, laugh too hard or stand up.

Light Flow 


You finally start to see the light at the end of the crimson tunnel. It’s almost over and a brand new day is approaching!

Other Essential Items

Heating pads

Chocolate Candy Bar

Hot Tea

Feminine Wash



Dos & Don’ts

Fellas, some things are going to happen that you might not understand during that week, but please bare with her. She might want you to hold her because the cramps are that bad and leave her alone at the same time. She might not have an appetite, but suddenly want an entire platter of spicy buffalo wings and fries. She might laugh one minute as tears of sadness simultaneously flow from eyes. This isn’t The Exorcist, you don’t need to call Father Bryant…just do what she says and no one gets hurt.


Periods get easier to manage the older we get, they become a normal part of our female lives, but they are still one of the most uncomfortable for us fellas, so DO listen and make it easier for us. We’re dealing with some drastic emotional and physical changes.

What He Thinks About Your Body Image.

1401822906000-1395-v3Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. This dieting often transitions into poor eating habits due to under-eating. I recall watching an episode of “The Real” and I was listening to a conversation between Tamara Mowry-Housley and Tamar Braxton about self-esteem and how it starts for children as young as five. For women it can last well up to old age. Think about it, you never see beauty ads and campaigns on “anti-aging” methods and phenomenons targeting men. They’re always targeting women and sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We hate our weight, we hate our stretch marks, we hate that our hair isn’t a certain texture, we hate that our face structure isn’t sharper and the list goes on. With so many movements now geared towards self-love and self-esteem building for women, I thought about the men who love us and what our body image and self-image does to them. I thought about what they thought.


“I think women stress too much about cleavage and butt not being the “right size.” I’d tell her, just as I have before, you are made just as you should be. And if anything is suppose to look differently then let it happen naturally” ~29

“Definitely their butt. It has gotten so bad that women are willing to get a zillion butt injections. To me its sad. Do I like a nice round curvaceous booty? Yes. But even more I love a woman who is confident in how God already made her.” ~37

“Women stress a lot about their stomachs or guts if you will. Society has painted an image that the flatter the better. But that’s not the case. Although guys may have a preference for the flat belly there are some who prefer bigger women where the gut doesn’t matter. Some guys have no physical preference at all. As long as she’s cool to vibe with. I say love yourself.”~25

“Stretch marks, a few gray hairs, weight gain, etc..what I always say is if you want to change something about yourself or make small improvements, go ahead..but make sure you truly love yourself and know that the right man will see past that and love you regardless”~25

“Personally, I don’t think anything is stressed too much with body image issues expanding and changing with each commercial and movie. I do however think that as long as you are comfortable in your own skin, the rest will take care of itself.”~29

“Some women stress too much about having their make up perfect. Women that I have dealt with in the past would take so much time trying to get the make up perfect that we would miss our reservation at a restaurant. I honest prefer my lady make-up less”~27

Body image is something that I still deal with no matter how sure of myself I may seem. I’ve been battling weight issues all my life and I am finally getting to a place where I am becoming more and more content and focused on being healthy rather than skinny. It’s nice to have some male reassurance from the person you love, but remember that if you can’t find the space to love and care for yourself what someone else offers won’t make much of a difference because body image starts in the mind…it’s start with the way we think.


He Gave You the Keys? | You Got the Juice Now

race-aa-400x210According to an article titled “The Science of Cohabitation: A Step Towards Marriage Not Rebellion” written in The Atlantic by Lauren Fox, cohabitation has increased nearly 900 percent over the last 50 years. More and more couples are taking that step in the hopes of “testing the waters” before marriage because as they say, you never really know someone until you live with them.

A study conducted by the Council of Contemporary Families raised the question on whether cohabitation before marriage had a direct link to a higher divorce rate and their findings showed that the longer couples waited to live together the better chance they had at a successful marriage. It was founded that individuals who committed to cohabitation or marriage at ages 18-22 saw a 60 percent rate of divorce. Whereas individuals who waited until 23 and older to commit saw a divorce rate that hovered more around 30 percent. Just adding my own personal spiel I also believe that it has a lot to do with where you’re at in life career-wise and whether your lifestyles complement each others.

As always, some of the fellas weighed in on sharing space and duplicating them keys.


“When you trust them to share responsibility and when you’re sure your pimpin days are or over or at least on pause…Instructions: don’t come without food.” ~29

“I personally believe it depends on how deep the relationship has gotten, can’t really put a time limit on a connection. A relationship is all about give and take. If I care about her and she’s there everyday, opening the door could be the brightest part of my day. And decorating will take a discussion and a little compromise.” ~24

“I’m a firm believer in things being organic and natural. Relationships tend to progress naturally as long as both parties are making an effort to grow outside and inside of the relationship. It’s like magic, one day you’re just like, “here’s the key! I’m tired of going out of the way to drop off the key just so you can get that blouse you left at my place.” ~26

“When the person can help you pay the utility bill that they’re helping you run up!!” ~28

“You know when you first start dating someone and you’re all on cloud nine and in that honeymoon, new phase…once that’s over things become settled and relaxed and you’re thinking how can I one up myself this time…then it hits you…here babe, have a key.” ~29

“You get tired of getting up to buzz her in to your apartment or waiting around for her to get there before running out for errands. With a key, she can come and go as she pleases.” ~25

“When I feel like it because it’s my house.” ~33

There can be a lot said both good and bad about the prospects of living with someone before marriage. It can be a learning experience and a smooth transition into marriage, but on the other hand, “couples stay in relationships longer than they should because once they live with someone, it becomes harder to find the escape hatch.” 


Either way we all agreed that if he gives you a key to his place ladies, you got the juice now. Carry on.