This holiday break, I decided to put down the laptop. I spend a good 80 percent on my day on the Interwebs searching for my next lead, pitch ideas and producing content for either Saint Heron, Madame Noire or on here for all you lovely readers and supporters, but I decided to go without for the weekend and I woke up this morning feeling extremely rested. It was a quiet morning and I felt really mellow. 

Over the weekend, I had a load of songs I wanted to post for my BeatHead Babe Mondays, but when I woke this morning “Rush” by UK babe Rose Gabor came to mind and it was perfect. The song talks about new love or the curiosity of exploring what could lead to new love and I’m in this season where I’ve been attracting a lot of unusuals. Men, that on the surface I probably wouldn’t notice, but the cupid Gods have been in my favor lately and I’ve been meeting some quality guys who actually are interested in dating and knowing Dej below the surface. So in addition to the smooth vibes of the song, it tells a sultry and sexy story of navigating love/lust/curiosity.

May your Monday be as mellow as mine and for those of you chasing deadlines, don’t let them kill you!


I rose this morning with the sun in my face and a cool breeze coming through the crack I made with my window and I just felt the need to be productive so I did some ab crunches BECAUSE I REFUSE TO LET THE WINTER FLUFF GET ME and decided to update my Digital Portfolio (if you’re looking for a freelancer, editor hire me!) I also had my morning tea and a scrambled and and I was ready to begin my day in the most mellow way with some banging vibes. I was working on an Audio piece for Saint Heron last night on Equal’s new Sade cover and I stumbled upon this beauty Szjerdene and I fell in love with this song.

My work day will consist of lots of writing, brainstorming and loads of editing! Happy Monday!



Oh come on, you knew this song was gonna come up eventually and since I’ve missed you all on Monday, why not start the weekend right with a party song? I know some of you clocked out of work today and rushed home to take a nap before throwing on that cocktail dress, some pumps and flashy jewels to enjoy a night out in the city.

As summer is winding down and the days of beachy weather, cookouts, and day parties come to an end we can’t help but close it out with a big bang.