BeatHead Babe:Walking On Fire | Rilan & The Bombardiers

My Sunday is like any other, filled with a lot of planning, rest, relaxation, music, cleaning and just being unproductive. One of my favorite Spotify stations is the Morning Rhythm playlist. It’s a combination of bands, soul, pop, quirky indie and I came across this extremely soulful song as I was reading and stopped to dance a bit. Life has picked up for me and I am currently in the accelerated lane doing 100mph. I am now a full time educator, freelance writer, graduate student, and entrepreneur, so my time has become even more invaluable.

The band Rilan and The Bombardiers are from The Netherlands…go figure right? Since every good thing seems to come from the perfect land of The Netherlands.

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BeatHead Babe: Breathe Inn | Ivana Santilli


It’s a dark and gloomy…and chilly day in Baltimore City. I woke up this morning feeling exhausted and I just needed something to mellow my mood. I needed something jazzy and soulful, but also entrancing. So I usually just turn on my Clara Hill Pandora station and mellow out to some electro jazz. So as always I set up shop to tackle some deadlines and write some fiction with a steamy hot tea and decided to listen to Ivana Santilli a Canadian singer in the genre of electronica, dance, jazz and soul music.

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