Punch Drunk Love: Don’t Be That Girl

Shamefully, we can all admit that we have been the type of girl who would give her all to a man without the expectation of getting anything in return. We have all been with a man, whom we have cooked for, paid some bills for, did his laundry, and even cleaned up his place sometimes. As old as time, women have been conditioned to “cater” to their men. We have been conditioned that the only way to keep a man is if we take care of him domestically, play our parts, know our roles, but ladies there’s a difference between being his girlfriend, his wife or worst his mother.

Nowadays, people have the idea of “marriage material” all messed up. Granted, we all have different standards and qualities we look for in a life partner, but if you think cooking and cleaning up after someone equates to you deserving a ring or even a commitment period, then sadly, you are wrong.  Continue reading